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Soil and Water Conservation

Pollution and richness of water and soil are indicators for how to grow crop, animals etc.


BLADE brings speed, simplicity, performance, and flexibility to labs with this new microwave digestion system
Digestions in minutes
Prepare vessel in seconds

Mars 2

Microwave Digestion System. The ultimate combination of performance and economy.
High capacity integrated exhaust system to remove fumes and assist in cooling vessels
Preinstalled methods


Microwave Extraction System
All components in contact with sample are tested to be PFAS-free
Meets the requirements of EPA method 1633


The easiest, safest and most intelligent microwave digestion system on the market.
Contactless in-situ temperature measurement
Sensors that detect vessel type and count

Enviro TOC

TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best
Highest sample flexibility
Negligible carryover and precise results

Vario TOC Cube

TOC/TNb analysis without limitations
Customizable for your applicational needs
Outstanding stable results even in lower ppb range


Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System
Automates the 5-day and 7-day BOD and CBOD standard analysis methods.
Automated DO probe calibrations and calibration checks


Fast, green, accurate Chemical Oxygen Demand analysis. Using a nanotechnology based approach, the PeCOD® analyzer obtains fast BOD/COD results without the use of harsh chemicals, such as dichromate and mercury. Ideal for
Rapid, accurate results
Safe, green chemistry

Real time COD / BOD and TOC Analyzer

Make measurements in real time on a 15 minute cycle time
Minimal User Interaction
Combine analysis of pH, alkalinity, conductivity, ammonia and more.

MT series

Automated Multi-Parameter titration system. Making quality analysis faster and simpler.
Automates 32-720 samples in a single batch
Customizable user interface for simplified operation