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Mars 2

Microwave Digestion System. The ultimate combination of performance and economy.
High capacity integrated exhaust system to remove fumes and assist in cooling vessels
Preinstalled methods

Mars 2

The MARS 2 is a microwave acid digestion system that produces an aqueous solution for elemental analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, or AA. Plants, soil, foods, pharmaceuticals, and more can be digested easily, using preloaded methods. For over 30 years, lab technicians have been using MARS systems for sample preparation. With the latest updates to the MARS 2, the process is even easier.


  • Industry best 316 stainless steel cavity construction.
  • Multi-layer Teflon® coating applied in proprietary process for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Non-metallic high impact polymer casing.
  • High capacity integrated exhaust system to remove fumes and assist in cooling vessels.

One Touch Technology

Preinstalled methods are one touch away.
By selecting the One Touch® icon on the MARS 2 touchscreen, you’ll be able to choose the sample type from the preinstalled methods. Each method includes the recommended sample size, acid type, and acid volume. The system it will automatically detect the type of vessel you are using, count the vessels, adjust the power accordingly, and perform the digestion for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Advanced Sensors

Better control means better results.
The MARS 2 uses a series of integrated contactless sensors to provide the most accurate power delivery and temperature measurement. Floor mounted sensors are used to count the number of vessels being processed to determine the correct power at start up. When only preparing a few samples the initial power is greatly reduced while large batches will receive more power. This control is unique to the CEM MARS family and provides the finest control available. A second sensor recognizes the vessel type chosen to make certain it is appropriate for your sample type. Finally, the iWave temperature sensor provides the most accurate contactless temperature control available. This combination gives you the unmatched performance of a MARS system.

MARSXpress Vessels

The most popular vessel in the world.
MARSXpress and MARSXpress Plus vessels are easy to use three-piece vessels that assemble in seconds, yet are rugged enough for most sample types. MARSXpress vessels, with vent and reseal technology, were patented in 2003 and have been the industry standard since that time. These vessels simultaneously run mixed sample types such as foods, tissues, and cannabis in a single batch. This greatly increases productivity in a lab that has varied sample materials. The 55 mL and 75 mL MARSXpress and the 110 mL MARSXpress Plus can all be run in the MARS 2.

Vessel Inserts

You have several options.
MARS 2, with iWave® temperature sensing technology, has brought tremendous advantages to microwave digestion, including the use of disposable vessel inserts. Vessel inserts offer a convenient way to process samples with little to no vessel cleaning.
The choice of the insert will depend upon digestion temperature and blank values required, based on the limit of quantification for a particular analysis. For trace metals analysis, it is vital to be aware of any materials coming into contact with the sample, which could contaminate the sample. In general, Teflon® and quartz are considered analytically clean materials for use in nearly any application. Glass, by composition, is higher in certain impurities, which may make it unsuitable for some applications.


Vessel Type Glass Quartz Teflon
MARSXpress 55 mL
MARSXpress 75 mL
MARSXpress Plus

Glass and Quartz Inserts

Glass and quartz inserts offer the greatest ease of use for highthroughput labs. Samples are weighed into the inserts and the acid mixture added. The insert is then loaded into the MARSXpress or MARSXpress Plus vessel and placed in the MARS 2 for digestion. The digested sample is removed from the vessel then diluted directly in the insert. This eliminates the sources of error and contamination associated with multiple transfer steps. After analysis, simply throw the insert away.

Teflon Inserts

The Teflon insert protects the vessel from batch-to-batch contamination without washing vessels between runs. Simply form a disposable insert and place it into the MARSXpress vessel, cap it, and run. When the digestion is complete, transfer your solution to an appropriate flask or vial and dispose of the insert. You are ready to start your next sample. They can be used for any digestion application run at or below 180 °C for 30 minutes or less.


Insert Material Max Temp for
up to 18 vessels
Max Temp for
up to 24 samples
Glass 210 °C 200 °C
Quartz 210 °C 200 °C
Teflon 180 °C 180 °C



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