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Microwave Extraction System
All components in contact with sample are tested to be PFAS-free
Meets the requirements of EPA method 1633
High Throughput System — 40 samples in a single batch
Disposable vessels for easy cleaning
Compatible with a wide variety of sample types


The MARS 6 PFAS Extraction system is specifically designed with high throughput PFAS extraction in mind. From the 40 position turntable, utilizing PFAS-free centrifuge tubes in 2 different sizes to the simple design and operation, PFAS determination has never been easier.


High Throughput Capabilities

Vessels designed with you in mind.

The MARS 6 can process up to 40 samples simultaneously, yielding the highest throughput of any system on the market. The simple turntable accepts 50 or 15 mL polypropylene centrifuge tubes. The easy operation facilitates transfer from sample to SPE or directly to analysis.



Efficient Extraction

Better PFAS extraction at your fingertips.

In the MARS 6 PFAS System, samples are heated in a PFAS-free closed vessel, ensuring the low detection limits required for analysis are achieved. This PFAS-free environment accurately measures the temperature in each position to ensure complete extraction every time.

Reduced Solvent Consumption

Accelerated extraction process using less solvent.

The MARS 6 PFAS system can extract up to 40 samples simultaneously using standard centrifuge tubes. The centrifuge tubes remain sealed to prevent contamination and allow for moderately elevated temperatures, while providing higher extraction efficiency. The result: the MARS 6 PFAS system delivers faster extraction times and better results with less solvent usage and solvent disposal costs for your laboratory.

The Process

User-friendly software, scientist centered design.

1. Select a Method
After the turntable is loaded with prepared sample vessels, simply select the proper method, and hit “Start”.

2. Matrix is Extracted
During the run, the MARS 6 will follow the method according to the selected parameters, including initializing, ramping, holding, cooling, etc. The MARS 6 applies microwaves to extract the sample. The turntable will rotate to allow the IR sensor to monitor the temperature of each sample.

3. Sample is Cooled
For user safety, when the run is complete, the MARS 6 will allow the vessels to cool in-unit. After cooling, the sample is ready for further analysis.

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Fast and simple automated solvent extraction system.
Meets the requirements of EPA method 1633
All components in contact with sample are tested to be PFAS-free


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