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Real time COD / BOD and TOC Analyzer


Real time COD / BOD and TOC Analyzer

Make measurements in real time on a 15 minute cycle time

Real time COD / BOD and TOC Analyzer

Innovative technique

The patented PeCOD technology provides a unique nanotechnology-based photoelectrochemical technique for determining bulk oxidizability of a sample stream. The strong oxidation power of the Titanium Dioxide photosensor facilitates rapid oxidation of all reactive organic matter, providing results in just 10 minutes.


Real user benefits;

  • Green chemistry with no hazardous reagents protects operators and the environment
  • Save time and money through process optimization
  • Full autonomous control, operators simply set sampling frequency and press start

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Fast, green, accurate Chemical Oxygen Demand analysis. Using a nanotechnology based approach, the PeCOD® analyzer obtains fast BOD/COD results without the use of harsh chemicals, such as dichromate and mercury. Ideal for real-time


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