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Waste management

Sustainable and smart waste management is important to ensure a viable planet for the future generations. It is imperative to know the composition of a load of waste before it is sent to landfill to avoid contamination. Some components can be recovered and re-injected into the so-called circular economy.


Fast and simple automated solvent extraction system.
Fastest technique available
Sample holders are easily assembled and cleaned (Q-Cups)

Mars 2

Microwave Digestion System. The ultimate combination of performance and economy.
High capacity integrated exhaust system to remove fumes and assist in cooling vessels
Preinstalled methods


Microwave Extraction System
All components in contact with sample are tested to be PFAS-free
Meets the requirements of EPA method 1633


The easiest, safest and most intelligent microwave digestion system on the market.
Contactless in-situ temperature measurement
Sensors that detect vessel type and count


Quartz Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Fastest infrared moisture analyzer on the market
Ideal for at-line process control Ideal for dry products with up to 15% moisture content

MicroPHAZIR AS Analyzer – Asbestos Analyzer

Prevent asbestos exposure on site and identify asbestos substitution in products during incoming inspection


Clean, economical and efficient metal digestions