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Fast and simple automated solvent extraction system.


With Q-Cup technology, Energized Dispersive Extraction is simple and fast for all applications. Extract semi-volatile organic compounds from soil, fat from food, phthalates from plastics, and many more applications with EDGE


  • Fastest technique available
  • 12 samples in an hour
  • Q-Cups™ are easily assembled and cleaned
  • Small footprint
  • One technology with unlimited applications

Easy process:

 Q-cup diagram

  1. Sample is Loaded
    The Q-Cup is automatically loaded into the chamber by the auto sampler. The pressure cap then creates a pressurized seal on the top of the Q-Cup.
  2. Matrix is Added
    Solvent is first added through the bottom to fill the gap between the chamber and Q-Cup; this aids in heat transfer. Then, solvent is added from the top of the Q-Cup to wet the sample.
    As the chamber walls are heated, the pressure in the solvent gap increases. This overcomes the pressure inside the Q-Cup, forcing the solvent to disperse into the sample.
  3. Extract is collected
    Once the sample reaches temperature, the solvent is filtered through the Q-Disc, the cooling coil, and into a collection vial.


Get better results with one instrument.

  • Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction
  • Pressurized Fluid Extraction
  • Supported Liquid Extraction
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction

No need for multiple systems for different samples, EDGE is the answer for all extractions, made possible by Q-Cup Technology. No matter your technique, you’ll extract a particle-free solution, ready for analysis.


Q-cup pictureThe EDGE®, was modified to prevent the contamination of the resultant extracts by PFAS.
The cleanliness of the EDGE itself after a series of washes and the background of the S1 Q-Disc®, Q-Matrix Hydra™, and the Q-Cup® used by the EDGE were examined. It was found that the substitutions provided a PFAS-free background on the EDGE, and the Q-Discs, Q-Matrix Hydra, and Q-Cups were PFAS-free. Thus, the EDGE is an excellent choice for laboratories that would like to automate their PFAS extractions without subjecting their samples to unwanted contamination.



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