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The extraction of PFAS / PFOS in mixed matrices

The extraction of PFAS / PFOS in mixed matrices

Diamonds are forever but so are PFAS/PFOS

PFAS is used in the manufacture of various products due to its oil / water / temperature / chemical , and fire resistance. Due to their chemical stability, these “permanent chemicals” are used in products ranging from non-stick cookware to electronic equipment and low-emission automobiles. As these items are disposed of, PFAS will become contaminated and accumulate in soil and water sources.

Human exposure to these persistent chemicals can cause effects on the immune system, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, and other diseases.

PFAS repair is largely impossible, so accurate PFAS analysis is essential for public safety. In the laboratory, PFAS analysis is difficult because PFAS-free ingredients are essential for accurate analysis. From sample homogenizing equipment to extraction systems to liquid chromatography systems, everything should be PFAS-free. CEM discusses the homogenization and extraction schemes of various substrates to optimize the recovery rate in the webinar below, including the LC method and the results of these studies.

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