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The future of automatic microwave digestion is… BLADE

The future of automatic microwave digestion is… BLADE

With the new BLADE, CEM offers a new generation of sample preparation for element analysis, distinguished by speed, simplicity, performance and flexibility.

Speed: Complete digestions in just 5 minutes. Additionally, digestions can be monitored in real-time with a built-in high-definition camera.

Simplicity: BLADE is the most user-friendly microwave digestion system on the market. In a quartz vessel, sample and acid are added and sealed with a snap-cap. The vessel is then placed in the autosampler and the sample is fully automatically digested and cooled.

Performance: Full digestion is achieved by applying very high density of microwave power on the sample using the patented Single Mode Cavity technology combined with advanced vortexing.

Flexibility: Digesting both routine and challenging samples, BLADE can handle it all. Mix & match samples and acids including e.g. HNO3, HCl, H2SO4. in the same batch. Using the universal method will get everything dissolved.


Here are a few application notes which might interest you. If you couldn’t find your domain of activity, contact us to discuss your application