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Quartz Halogen Moisture Analyzer


The SMART Q™ is the most rugged and technologically advanced infrared moisture analyzer available. It is ideal for use both in the lab and at-line in manufacturing facilities.


  • Fastest infrared moisture analyzer on the market.
  • No cavity preheat
  • No sample cool down
  • Ideal for at-line process control
  • Ideal for dry products with up to 15% moisture content
  • Rugged design withstands the toughest conditions
  • Analytical 4-place balance with accurate 3-digit moisture readout
  • Preprogrammed methods for many sample types
  • Compact for easy at-line placement


 /></a></p><h4><strong>Simple Work-flow</strong></h4><ul><li><strong>Individual User Logins</strong><br />
Password protected and CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.</li><li><strong>Built-In Training Videos</strong><br />
Ensure your technicians run the SMART Q correctly.</li><li><strong>Method Import</strong><br />
Import from other users or CEM’s method library from anywhere in the world.</li><li><strong>Data Export</strong><br />
For easy data storage, transfer, and review.</li></ul><p><a href= /></a></p><p><strong>Direct Sample Temperature Measurement</strong><br />
The SMART Q utilizes an advanced IR sensor to measure the temperature of the entire sample. Competitor systems typically only measure the cavity temperature, and not the sample. Direct sample measurement allows for better control and ultimately improved accuracy and precision.</p><p><strong>Collimated Energy<br />
</strong>Stray infrared irradiation can negatively impact sample temperature readings with the use of infrared temperature sensors. The SMART Q has a unique honeycomb lattice providing collimated infrared irradiation for sample heating, thereby avoiding stray light. This provides highly accurate temperature control.</p><p><strong>Active Ventilation<br />
</strong>The SMART Q incorporates active cavity ventilation, directing all fumes through an exhaust port. Safely and easily route exhaust out of the lab without the need for dedicated space in a fume hood.</p><p> </p><p> </p></div></div><div class=

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