Environmental services and equipment


Fast and simple automated solvent extraction system.

Mars 2

Microwave Digestion System.The ultimate combination of performance and economy.


Quartz Halogen Moisture Analyzer

MARS 6 Extraction

Microwave Extraction SystemHigh-throughput extraction.


Rapid Bulk and Parallel Sample Drying. A unique instrument for rapidly drying samples up to 1kg.

Vario MAX Cube

The elemental analyzer vario MAX cube is optimized for carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur determination by high-temperature combustion in organic samples up to 5 g


This elemental analyzer combines the low operating costs and the high sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the dynamic measurement range of a macro analyzer

Rapid CS Cube

High precision, fast and automated carbon and sulfur analysis

Enviro TOC

TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best


Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System