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This elemental analyzer combines the low operating costs and the high sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the dynamic measurement range of a macro analyzer
Great sample flexibility
Outstanding hydrogen and sulfur measurement capabilities
Reliable, matrix-independent results
High system uptime


Micro elemental analyser with simultaneous CHNS determination plus O and Cl option.

The new UNICUBE, a cutting-edge tool for the elemental analysis of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur. UNICUBE combines the low costs and the sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the flexibility and outstanding robustness of a macro analyzer, providing unparalleled flexibility. One micro elemental analyzer for all tasks

0.1 mg of pharmaceuticals can be analyzed just as precisely as up to 1 g of inhomogenous soil samples, while volatile gasoline or temperature-proof silicon carbide can be analyzed just like coal, foodstuffs or sewage sludge. UNICUBE makes this possible without any restriction of the elements, allowing simultaneous analysis for CHNS – or for the combinations CNS, CHN, CN, O and Cl – in one sample run.

Quiet operation
Thanks to its novel self-regulating air circulation cooling system, UNICUBE is the quietest elemental analyzer in its class. A low noise level – no louder than falling rain – makes working with UNICUBE pleasant to the ear. Smart design for optimal ease of use
Maintenance can be minimized and uptime maximized thanks to UNICUBE’s clearly arranged and easily accessible system components, as well as its slide-out furnace. The tool-free clamp connection system ensures reliable leak-proof operation at all times, meaning users can enjoy smooth analyses and full confidence in their results.

High-performance micro elemental analysis for the sharpest peaks
UNICUBE utilizes Elementar’s proprietary and improved direct TPD (Temperature Programmed Desorption) technology for optimized reliability and performance in gas separation. Working in combination with the most powerful detector on the market, this means the instrument is capable of determining samples with C:N and C:S elemental ratios of up to 12,000:1.

Quantitative high-temperature decomposition
UNICUBE functions at a permanent temperature near 1,200 °C, reaching 1,800 °C during combustion. In pure oxygen, the contained sulfur is fully converted into SO2 with a 100% recovery, even in the case of BaSO4. Carbon is converted to CO2 and detected by a real non-dispersive IR photometer.

Large dynamic concentration range
UNICUBE’s measuring range is 0-100%, or 20 mg S absolute, with just one IR detector and sensitivity range. The measuring range for carbon is 0-100%, or up to 40 mg absolute. Even concentrations of below 1 ppm or 0.2 µg S can be detected.

Large weighing range
UNICUBE’s range encompasses micro (less than 1 mg) and macro (1 g) applications, depending on the sample type

Direct Temperature Programmed Desorption (direct TPD)
The system’s direct TPD technology allows gaseous components to be separated perfectly with an optimized TPD column without peak overlap. Time per analysis is also optimized automatically. Multipoint calibration
UNICUBE offers reliable stability over months and matrix-independent functionality.

Instrument parameters are PC-controlled via Windows or Linux
The whole instrument is digitally controlled and can also be operated via the internet, with a 21 CFR Part 11 option for data safety. Because the system is fully digitalized, it can be operated remotely

One high-performance instrument for all applications
UNICUBE operates without expensive special catalysts, with easy ash removal from the combustion tube and an extended lifetime for all components, helping to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Clean, safe, fast
The analysis only takes a few minutes, with no aggressive or toxic chemicals required. Helium is used as a carrier gas, or argon as a possible alternative.

Easy installation requirements
The system takes up a minimal 48 x 55 cm benchtop space, operating with a single power supply (230, 110, 100 V), and two gases sufficient for maintenance-free long-term operation.

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