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Brands: Schmidt Heansch

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SEAL Analytical


Precise and fast measurements
Modular use, connectable to your internet browser and tablet or device of your choice
Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

VariPol Series

The Compact Laboratory Polarimeter. The VariPol makes polarimetry faster than ever
Basic Polarimeter especially designed for pharmaceutical applications – 21 CFR Part 11 ready
Modular configuration


Refractometer on the bench. Fast and precise measurements
Liquid and solid samples
Multi-point calibration for full measurement range

Coloromat 100

COLOR in liquids and crystallized sugar
Measurement of transmission/extinction
Color determination of liquid samples

Polartronic V

The fully automatic and high resolution allrounder polarimeter with continuous measurement
Continuous and speedy measurement
Intuitive operation, industrial standard interfaces, internal data base function, internal 21 CFR Part 11 software


Digital multiple wavelength refractometer
Measurement of solid samples possible
Automatic dispersion measurement

ATR-P Touch

High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios (mass percent)
For permanent use in production laboratories
High performance and accuracy even in rugged environment


Compact laboratory critical angle refractometer for versatile applications
Robust refractometer
Stable , precise measurements

Saccharomat V

A fully automatic working sugar polarimeter
High performance patented sugar polarimeter
Intuitive user interface

Saccharoflex 2020

Reliable Reflectance meter
Determination of ICUMSA color of sugar
Determining the degree of whiteness of crystal sugar