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Schmidt Heansch

Coloromat 100

COLOR in liquids and crystallized sugar

Coloromat 100

  • Measurement of transmission/extinction
  • Color determination of liquid samples
  • Up to 9 fixed wavelengths
  • Polarimeter tubes up to 100 mm
  • Integrated ICUMSA Methods


Digital single beam photometer for the determination of liquid colour The Coloromat 100 allows easy measurement of transmission, extinction and ICUMSA liquid colour units at the recommended standard wavelength 420 nm.
The wavelengths are selected via the touch screen. Three wavelengths are pre-installed as standards, optional the Coloromat 100 can be equipped with six further customized wavelengths. This opens a wide range of applications . Due to the generous dimensions of the sample chamber the use of polarimeter flow through tubes up to 100 mm as standard cuvettes allows easy filling and a high through-put.
The sample compartment is open to the top and the bottom avoiding spillage to enter the unit. Due to its unique optical design the COLOROMAT is not affected by stray light. The Coloromat 100 is equipped with a continuous measuring mode with free configurable sampling rate for monitoring color changes in product streams as a function of time.


Features of Coloromat 100

  • Objective and repeatable measurements
  • 3 fixed wavelengths 340, 420 and 720 nm, optional 6 additional (in the range 340 – 900 nm)
  • Optional 6 further wavelengths (in the range 340 – 900 nm)
  • Automatic wavelength setting
  • Polarimeter cells up to 100 mm usable as well as rectangle cuvettes
  • Single or flow through measurement
  • Remote control via PC
  • Data output to PC or direct connected printer
  • Up to 250 methods programmable
  • Internal data storage of results
  • GLP/GMP conform documentation

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