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Mosa Meat testimonial

We have being using the ORACLE and SMART 6 over the last year to measure fat, solids and moisture content with great success and ease.


As a food tech company, they have both been instrumental in allowing us to assess the quality of our products and for developing product formulations. The ability to measure fat and moisture content using small quantities of material (<1g), within a few minutes and without specialized knowledge has been highly advantageous for us.

Laura Jackisch
Head of Fat Tissue Engineering
Mosa Meat

Laura Jackisch
Head of Fat Tissue Engineering bij
Mosa Meat

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Smart 6

Fastest combined microwave with halogen moisture/solids analysis system available on the market.
Up to ten times faster than halogen systems
Analyze wet and dry products on one system


Get an accurate analysis of the fat content of any food sample in only 30 seconds
Rapid- 30 second analysis
Analyze any sample from 0.05 – 100.00 % fat