Hydrogen utilities

While large-scale usage in the automotive industry may still seem far away, hydrogen gas already has a variety of applications in our current society. Widely used for hydrogenation reactions by the chemical industry and in laboratories as carrier gas for gas chromatography, scientists around the world are finding more and more applications each day.


Matrix-independent determination of C and N at trace levels in solids and liquids

Vario EL Cube

Unsurpassed performance and versatility in elemental analysis. CHNS+O+Cl analysis

Rapid OXY Cube

Highly accurate and precise oxygen analysis – even in the low ppm range

Vario MACRO Cube

The world’s first macro elemental analyzer for simultaneous carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur (C, H, N, S) determination from one sample


This elemental analyzer combines the low operating costs and the high sensitivity of a micro elemental analyzer with the dynamic measurement range of a macro analyzer