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T10 Turbidity Analyzer

Rapid, accurate, and reliable turbidity analysis
No cross contamination or dilution effects
Free software platform
Small sample volumes - only 30ml
Reuse sample for additional analyses
Complact: 10 x 20 cm

T10 Turbidity Analyzer

MANTECH’s automated turbidity solution features numerous unique advantages to promote rapid, accurate, and reliable turbidity analysis.

MANTECH’s T10 turbidity meter features long-lasting lamps, with your choice of either White Light to conform to EPA method 180.1, ASTM D1889, and Standard Method 2130B or Infrared (IR) to conform to ISO 7027 and EN27027.

The T10 includes software for seamless run set up, reporting and more. Small sample volumes (only 40mL!) and the ability to reuse sample for additional analyses (pH, alkalinity, conductivity, fluoride, etc.) enable you to recognize economic and sustainable impacts.

Available in following configutaions:

  • benchtop,
  • automated,
  • online,
  • portable



Depending on your demand and environment of your laboratory, MANTECH offers the same turbidity analyzer in three different configurations.


Use as a Standalone Meter

The benchtop standalone meter configuration is best suited for laboratories with limited testing demand for turbidity and/0r restricted bench space.


Add an Autosampler!

Integrate with the MT-Series to fully automate alongside other parameters such as pH, conductivity, and alkalinity. As a non-destructive test, once the turbidity analysis is complete the sample can be delivered back to sample tube for further analysis.


Add a Carrying Case & Batteries!

The T10’s compact size (10x20cm) makes it easy to transition from work in the lab to out in the field. Results can be saved, then transferred to a computer via the USB connection.


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