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Inductar ONH Cube

Inductar® EL cube – Analyze five elements in one instrument

Inductar ONH Cube

Simultaneous ONH elemental analysis in metals and other inorganic materials

The inductar® ONH cube is an analyzer for the determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which combines highly accurate data with simple, clean, and automated processes. Using an innovative solid-state induction furnace for the first time in an inorganic ONH analyzer, it takes ONH determination in metals and other inorganic materials to the next level. The innovative and advanced design offers simultaneous and user-friendly ONH analysis, without the need for tedious cleaning operations. The analyzer is also available as OH and ON only configuration with the possibility to upgrade to the full ONH version at any time.


Precise results without tedious cleaning
due to our innovative solid-state induction furnace technology

Outstanding instrument flexibility
to fulfill your analytical needs due to the customizable instrument concept that offers different modes, sample feeding options and detection options

Minimal operational requirements
without the need for external cooling or a high voltage power supply

Easy handling & low maintenance
because of the intuitive software and the user-friendly instrument concept for daily routine operation

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