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Inductar CS Cube

Advanced carbon and sulfur analyzer for inorganic materials

Inductar CS Cube

This high-precision CS analyzer for metallic or ceramic materials uses only state-of-the-art technologies. It is equipped with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, which makes it possible to reach sample temperatures of up to 2000 °C. Thanks to an optional camera the gas release can be observed in real-time by the operator. Also for the element detection advanced technologies are used. Carbon and sulfur are both analyzed by wide-range IR detectors, which are capable to detect the whole concentration range. Thus, little impurities in the ppm-range and higher concentrations of some percentages by weight are detectable.

Measuring method
High-temperature-combustion in oxygen atmosphere at up to 2000 °C, followed by purification of the analytical gas flow and subsequent gas analysis. CS-analysis is done according to ISO 15350, ASTM E1019 and further international standards.

Easy sample preparation and handling
Without any special sample preparation, all kinds of solid samples are weighed into ceramic sample containers (sample mass up to 1 g).

Clean and safe analysis
The innovative crucible design, together with top-down oxygen gas stream, minimizes any dust inside the system. Furthermore spattering of sample melt is prevented, which assures a virtually unlimited lifetime of the combustion tube.

Large concentration range
From a few ppm up to 100 % or 60 mg carbon and 5 mg sulfur absolute.

Linear single/multipoint-calibration

The operator is guided through the calibration by an intuitive calibration assistant. The transparently calculated calibration is editable and storable. Furthermore, templates can be stored for future calibrations. Calibration is linear and stable for months.

Few operational requirements
1 m laboratory working space, one electrical connection and one operating gas are sufficient for long term operation.

Full automation
Automated and unattended operation is possible with the integrated 89 position autosampler and PC-control through Windows®. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.

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