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DUMAS VS Kjeldahl

Protein analysis can be much quicker and cleaner than with Kjeldahl thanks to the DUMAS method. Dumas is a reference and routine method for the determination of total nitrogen and protein concentration. The method is ideally suited for various food and feed manufacturers and suppliers. This nitrogen and protein analysis is highly reproducible and meets […]

Food safety and analysis

Food safety and analysis is a priority 365 days a year. Every day, we are in contact with R&D labs, food & drinks processing companies and we know how much attention you pay to the safety of your products. On this page, we would like to highlight devices that can simplify your work regarding food […]

The extraction of PFAS / PFOS in mixed matrices

Diamonds are forever but so are PFAS/PFOS PFAS is used in the manufacture of various products due to its oil / water / temperature / chemical , and fire resistance. Due to their chemical stability, these “permanent chemicals” are used in products ranging from non-stick cookware to electronic equipment and low-emission automobiles. As these items […]