Tensiometer TD4

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Tensiometer TD4

Automatic measurements of surface and interfacial tension.

Tensiometer TD4

TD4 – compact and precise for the measurements of surface and interfacial tension.


  • Flexible for research and quality testing
  • User-friendly with predefined standard methods
  • Precise, high-resolution distance measurement
  • Optional temperature control, no additional space required
  • ASTM D971, EN 14210, EN 14370, IEC 62961, EN 14059 compliant

The ring/plate method for the measurement of surface and interfacial tension of liquids is an established method for future potential: The increasing demand for surface-active additives and their detection in quality control requires automated and user-friendly devices. As a stand-alone device the compact ring/plate tensiometer TD4 offers everything you require for research and development, as well as quality control.

Simplified selection of measuring method

  • Software with standard-compliant methods for insulating oils, lamp oils, tensides etc.
  • Ergonomic, intuitive operation with simple user guidance
  • Reliable device for routine measurements in the chemical industry, pharmacy and quality control
  • Integrated user management with different user levels in accordance with GLP

Reliable measurements thanks to the precise force and position measurement

  • Precise plate measurment via accurate position measurement and automatic surface recognition.
  • Regultaion of lamella lengt hand fine asjustment of table speed for measurements with even the smallest differences in density
  • High precision and reproducibility even at lower interfacial tension thanks to variable measuring parameters
  • Density measurement using immersion body included with the delivery

Accurate temperature control with PTT+

  • Low space requirement with convenient controls
  • Temperature-controlled measurements between 5 and 80°C without external cooling
  • Visualization of measuring status for optimized laboratory processes


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