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SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO

The ultimate solution for Grain Testing. Assuring grain quality from field to factory.

SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO is your ideal solution to obtain the measurement of moisture, protein, fat/oil, ash and other quality parameters in Grains, Cereals, Oilseeds and Flour.

 width=A greater variety of material can be handled with the all-new screw conveyor for sample feeding and automatic discharge. There is no need for grinding or other sample preparation at all, with an increased optical path-length, for a multitude of whole grain and oilseeds.
In order to analyze powder samples, e.g. wheat flour, an optional Flour Module is available as an additional accessory. Each grain analyzer can be (retro) – fitted with a test weight module (aka Bushel weight, hectoliter weight, or specific weight) to determine the volume to weight ratio of the samples analyzed. Digital images of the analyzed samples can be captured, processed and directly visualized with the optional integrated image processing unit.


The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO offers an improved UI experience with an array of new features and functions. The instrument is controlled with an intuitive icon-driven software. With a screen size of 12.1” and high luminance the touch operation and data visualization is optimized.

The routine operation of the analysis process can be automated with cloud connectivity features. Results obtained can be directly linked to ERP systems eliminating the need of manual data handling and archiving.

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO is shipped with pre-installed standard calibration models for many products, parameters, and countries where typical applications are:

Grain trading/reception/malting

Wheat, durum wheat, rice, barley, mustard, sesame, corn, soy, groundnut, malt, green malt, rye, oats, triticale, sorghum/milo, lentils, beans, green and chick peas and others.


Flour milling

Wheat and rye flour, semolina, ground wheat, rice meal and flour, soy meal, corn meal and flour and others.

Oilseed crushing

Soybean, canola/rapeseed, sunflower, mustard, groundnut and others. All calibrations provide accurate analytical values and are 100 % transferrable between instruments!


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