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Acquray Series

Enter a new world of TOC analysis
Highest sensitivity for precise measurement results
Outstanding instrument flexibility for your analytical needs
Easy & fast analyses
Time saving sample preparation & autosampler

Acquray Series

Enter a new world of TOC analysis

With the acquray series Elementar opens an entirely new way for easy Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis and more. The technology is based on a chemical oxidation process supported by highly energetic UV radiation. This combination ensures complete digestion of all organic compounds. The modular concept allows the attachment of optional extra modules for the determination of TOC in solids, Total Nitrogen (TN) in water and Total Phosphorus (TP) in water.

The instrument comes with predefined methods, completely calibrates itself automatically and auto-alerts the user any time maintenance is needed. This makes the acquray series the ideal solution for routine labs that require instruments with high laboratory efficiency and minimal down-time.


Measuring method
UV-/persulfate digestion for an injection volume up to 40 ml for the determination of NPOC, TOC, TIC and TC in liquids. Option for simultaneous colorimetric determination of total nitrogen (TN) und total phosphorus (TP) in liquids. Option for solids with true temperature ramping for determination of TOC, ROC and TIC compliant with DIN 19539.

Large concentration range
From low ppb up to percent carbon for liquids.

Fully automatic
Automated and unattended operation is possible by the autosampler, automated acidification module and PC-control through Windows®. Furthermore, optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software is available.

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